Weekly Wrap-Up 02.19.22

A few words about a few local tracks that hit the spot this week


Nardo Says – The Arrival (feat. Robin Brown)

Multi-hyphenate artist pays tribute to his late compatriot, Reese Vex Brown–a venerable figure within Pittsburgh’s DJ community–with a woozy, lush instrumental album. Its opener, which leads with a voicemailed co-sign from Brown’s mother, constructs a teeming sonic jungle full of ecstatic vocal echoes, clattering percussion, and robot bass.

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Sadurday – Out of Touch

Throwback rockers overhaul their lineup following the release of their debut EP, enlisting Thursday‘s Tucker Rule on drums WREX‘s Mae Seaton on lead vocals for a driving, emo-inspired track that conveys a sense of anguished desperation.

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Hardcore band’s debut single uses crushing riffs and barked vocals to pose difficult questions about the nature of religion, morality, and humanity. Small details–a warped choir introducing the track, voices whispering in the background–create an unsettling atmosphere.

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