Daily Yinz – Six O’Matic – The Mayor of Yesterday

Six O’Matic, an experimental artist whose compositions range in style “from ambient to Appalachian,” released his latest album, The Mayor of Yesterday (Wild Kindness), in December.

Where Six O’Matic’s last release, 2019’s Aging, comprised a series of glacial drones, Mayor plays out like a funhouse ride, with bagpipes, digitized drums, and electronic wobbles all competing for space. The title track sounds like a windup toy version of early Explosions in the Sky; gentle guitar arpeggios cascade over each other, a deep, buzzing synth ratchets up the intensity levels, ecstatic, wordless vocal interjections materialize out of the ether, and drums build from a plod to a crashing, martial rhythm. The whole track is a cathartic, jubilant exercise in building and releasing tension.

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