Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Ice Sleeper

Glo Phase, a producer who moved from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles earlier this year, recently released a new record on the 100% Silk label.

With each album, Glo Phase consistently manages to balance crystalline gloss and soulful warmth, and Early Moments is no different. Misty keyboard tones wash over beds of crisp, organic-sounding percussion, like waves passing over a coral reef, while the tracks themselves morph subtly as they go along, cycling through periods of moodiness and serenity. The album’s second cut, “Ice Sleeper,” stands out due to its deep ripples of bass, mystical synth glissandos, and grainy, haunting clouds of melody. It’s kinetic and contemplative at the same time, the kind of thing you could equally enjoy thumping over the speakers on a blue-lit dance floor or through a good pair of headphones after you get home.

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