Daily Yinz – Scratchy Blanket – Bloom

Scratchy Blanket, a quintet that specializes in emotive indie rock, recently released an affecting single and video called “Bloom.”

The song, which guitarist Harrison Thurman describes as “taking inspiration from punk stalwarts Tigers Jaw and local heroes Adventures,” is a clear-eyed look at a relationship that seems to have run its course. Singer Shannon Keating, their voice vulnerable yet resolute, describes the experience of realizing “this house ain’t big enough for the two of us”; their lyrics and tone poignantly convey the bittersweet nuances that accompany the growth of one person away from another. The band alternates between fuzzy, midtempo verses and cleansing, anthemic choruses, connecting these musical passages with crescendos that build, carried intrepidly along by rolling drums, from quiet meditations to emotional breaking points. The final crest, during which Keating repeats, “The memory/The feeling of loving someone” as the music swells around them, crashes into the powerful final chorus (“When I bend beneath the weight of my limbs/I will grow and stretch across the ground”), which, by the end of the song, feels more than earned. In the single’s video, shot by Dashing Agent, the moment syncs up with an image of Keating finally running out the front door of the old house in which they’ve been confined for the duration of the song, a smile spreading across their face. Growth, “Bloom” tells us, is often painful, but always worth it.

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