Daily Yinz – lys scott – best believe it (ft. DanSully)

Rapper lys scott follows up her June debut, squashed dreams & broken wings, with “best believe it,” a carefree single produced by DanSully.

The track’s jaunty piano loops and bouncing boom-bap percussion create a sunny backdrop for scott to kick back and stretch her limbs, whirling through international locales (“Smoke that green green all the way in Cali/In bikinis, eating kiwi back in Bangkok/Jogging in Lumbini”), defiantly decrying draconian laws (“Texas tryna build a border/Legalize abortion/Go straight to the source/So they know I’m a master of my own body”), and dropping some classic literary references (Nagini and King Arthur make appearances). Scott repeats the song’s “Best believe it” refrain with such loose breeziness that, after a while, it becomes more a series of sounds–a scat, if you will–than a coherent phrase, tying the song together through mood alone. In all, “best believe it” represents an effortlessly enjoyable continuation of scott’s outsider hip-hop sound.

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