Daily Yinz – Dikon – Almost Blues

Matt Dickun is a Pittsburgh composer–currently residing in Thailand–who leads the jazz outfit Dikon.

Thommy Knoles: COPY CAT, one of Dikon’s recently released EPs, was designed to sound like “Thelonius Monk, only with Bootsy Collins was playing bass and Madlib was the musical director.” “Almost Blues” is a strong encapsulation of this ambitious synthesis; it’s got the jagged piano stabs and tinny brass leads of a Criss Cross cut, the exuberant low-end of a Parliament track, and the chopped, head-nodding rhythm (accented by spirited bells, clicks, and chatters) of a Yesterdays New Quintet outtake. The disparate elements mingle to create a sound that feels both current and classic.

Check out more from Dikon


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