The Stick Figures – Archeology

Pittsburgh’s newly established Floating Mill Records, a label that reissues underrated post-punk albums from decades past, recently re-released a 1981 EP by Tampa, FL’s The Stick Figures (the group broke up soon after recording the original), adding a number of previously unheard tracks to the earlier iteration’s four-song list.

The Stick Figures’ music combines off-kilter dissonance with catchy danceability, situating yelped, goofily surreal lyrics overtop angular guitar chords, propulsive bass, and clattering drums. Psychedelic flourishes litter Archeology‘s landscape–from the droning, mellotron-assisted “Everplayed” to the abstract sound collage of “Ellis Otivator Dub”–creating a listen that’s as strange as it is fun. Check out some of the selections from the album below, and support a band that remains fresh after forty years. Purchase the album here.






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