Daily Yinz – Juss Jala – Vapor Rub

Rapper Juss Jala continues her run of ferocious verbal beatdowns with “Vapor Rub,” a single released in August.

The track positions Juss Jala’s flows– cold and serrated as a steel bread knife, as always–against looped piano, knocking bass, and subdued percussion. The atmosphere is menacing; Jala fills her bars with boasts that double as put-downs (“I’m on a frequency that you can never reach/Your mind’s in poverty/But mine’s got pink sands on a beach”) and put-downs that double as lyrical death sentences (“I don’t fight with chickens in the club/Were you checking for me? Damn, I forgot just who you was”). If you come for her, you won’t even get the satisfaction of engagement, you’ll just be turned into an unperson, vaporized from existence, while Jala remains “cool like vapor rub.”

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