Daily Yinz – Lindsay Liebro – Wasted Potential

Lindsay Liebro is a Pittsburgh high school senior whose rousingly defiant single, “Wasted Potential,” recently went viral after being confused for a Taylor Swift leak.

“Wasted Potential” would stand on its own even without the boosting by confused Swifties; it’s an irresistibly catchy power-pop anthem that positions journal-scrawled (or, rather, notes app-typed) yearning overtop a polished mix of chugging guitars, sugar-rush synths, and driving rhythms. Liebro ponders her musical future and reflects on the expectations placed on her by the people in her life, quoting them directly during the chorus when she sings, “Watch what she does with her brain instead of med school/She could be a doctor, she could be a lawyer/But what is she to do with a beat-up guitar?”. The doubt only serves to fuel Liebro’s confidence; she knows it isn’t easy to be “the one out of a million caught in a Hollywood scheme,” but she closes the song with the assured rejoinder, “I believe nothing’s too far out of reach.” “Wasted Potential”s dynamics–hushed, plaintive verses and belted, world-beating choruses–are classic Swift, but its story is Liebro’s own.

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