Daily Yinz – Rex Tycoon – Dive Bar Diner

Indie-rockers Rex Tycoon recently released a goofy two-track album called Dive Bar Diner.

The title track describes a place that all of us know in one form or another, the mediocre establishment where “the food’s no good,” “soda tastes funny,” “chicken mashed potatoes always come out cold,” and “there’s a broken down jukebox at the end of the bar.” Rex Tycoon frontman Austin Reesman pays loving tribute to his personal instance of this archetype (or maybe the archetype itself), sounding like a man weary from the workweek when he talk-sings, “We’re at the dive bar diner/Having some drinks tonight/Me and you, bring a friend or two/Everyone is feeling alright,” backed by jangling guitar chords and chipper drums. Like one of Kurt/Courtney’s jokier tracks, “Dive Bar Diner” hits on something genuine while also not taking itself too seriously.

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