Daily Yinz – WRETCHED CRAWLER – Shifting Sands of The Summoner

Harsh noise artist Yotzeret Sheydim–under the moniker WRETCHED CRAWLER–recently released an album called The Thief in The Tower.

The series of 18 punishing pieces follows the titular Crawler as it makes its way through a gruesome dungeon in search of treasure. French harsh noise artist Vomir once described his own work as “no ideas, no change, no development, no entertainment, no remorse,” but that isn’t the case with Thief, as Sheydim’s constructions, created on a mixer using no-input feedback loops, contain a surprising amount of variation within their grainy depths. “Shifting Sands of The Summoner” flickers madly, like an evil flame, its grinding, scraping tones seeming to rise and fall in pitch as time goes on. Is it really happening, or is your brain, defaulting to “must….detect…..musical……trends” mode after being subjected to the track’s aural assault, playing a trick on you? Who’s to say, except for the WRETCHED CRAWLER itself.

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