Daily Yinz/Premiere – Sheridan Woika – Beehive (Strength)

Bedroom pop oddball Sheridan Woika releases “Beehive (Strength),” his first track since last year’s rabbits, in advance of his upcoming album, ARCANA CONTINUA.

The single is a power ballad done Woika style; sure, it’s got cascading piano chords, reverent horns, and dramatic shifts from soft to loud, but it’s also got ramshackle drum fragments, chaotically layered vocal climaxes, faint buzzing tones, and lyrics about anthropomorphic beehives. The result is a towering piece of music that moves through a number of distinct movements, various instruments (strings? harmonica? banjo?) poking their heads in for brief moments before exiting stage left, like old friends waving as they pass by on the street. In its stitched-together nature, eclectic sound choice, and raw emotion, it reminds of a classic Microphones track. Stay tuned for the rest of ARCANA CONTINUA, due out on Halloween.

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