Daily Yinz – The Real Sea – Paper Machete

The Real Sea are a dream-pop quartet whose latest single, “Paper Machete,” came out in late June.

“Paper Machete” is the kind of swooning, hazy thing that, when performed live, could coax even the most introverted showgoers away from the wall and into the middle of the floor, to sway rapturously as chiming guitars and bittersweet vocals swirl around them. Frontwoman Sharon Mok’s delivery, delicate yet steady, is plaintive enough to make your throat lump up and your heart drop, her mix of French (I think it’s French) and English lyrics providing a pleasantly disorienting touch for monolinguals like me. The rhythm section is airily propulsive, giving the song an anthemic quality even as it gazes toward the floor. Perfect for fans of The Sundays, Tamaryn, Asobi Seksu, etc.

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