Daily Yinz – Angelea – AURA

Angelea is a Pittsburgh singer who recently released her debut single, “AURA.”

The track is an alluring not-so-slow jam that combines R&B and hip-hop stylings to create a listen that’s simultaneously mellow and dynamic. Its instrumental, produced by TopShelfLeek, sees moth wing hi-hats cut through a haze of hothouse synth tones; the lush sonic expanse gives Angelea space to wax romantic about someone who’s picking up what she’s putting down. A classical/operatic singer by training, her voice sounds perfectly at home against “AURA”s more pop-oriented backdrop. Sometimes her cadence matches the beat, while other times she pokes around its edges, exploring the empty spaces between drum hits and keyboard plucks. “AURA” is a strong debut that establishes Angelea as name to keep eyes on.

Follow Angelea on Instagram and stay tuned for more music


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