Daily Yinz – Haven State – Spaceman

Haven State are a proggy rock quartet who recently released their debut album, Adapt.

The album’s music combines the percussive chug of so-called “djent” music with the sweeping drama of groups like Circa Survive, but displays a surprisingly light touch; the drums may be thunderous, but the guitars slip back and forth between slick distortion and crystalline clean tones to create moments of true delicacy. “Spaceman” even starts off like a ska track, as trebly, syncopated chords eventually give way to anthemic swells and lightning-fast shredding. Overtop the knotty instrumental, frontwoman Josie Banks despairs, “I can’t get out of my brain,” her voice simmering and then soaring. Things slow down near the end of the track for an atmospheric interlude, followed by a Yngwie Malmsteen-goes-to-a-rave outro. The song is precise and technical without feeling robotic, and is a strong representation of Haven State’s eclectic sound.

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