Daily Yinz – Moemaw Naedon and Calig Kontra – Futura Dystopia

Moemaw Naedon teamed up with fellow emcee Calig Kontra for July’s grimy Cult Theatre release.

The entire project was produced by New Orleans beatsmith Pyramid Tapes, whose evocative boom-bap instrumentals create surreal lands through which Moemaw and Calig walk, narrating the strange sights and sounds that they encounter. Closer “Futura Dystopia,” an epic track built around battle-tested strings and horns, sees Moemaw take a sojourn through a post-apocalyptic world containing red-sanded beaches and chemical oceans with “cancer in the tidal waves.” He describes the “sick vibration infecting your bones” that results from exposure to the toxic wasteland, and warns that this bleak future is a “planetary plague of man’s carelessness.” Calig handles the second verse with a dextrous flow that balances out Moemaw’s gruff delivery. The song is psychedelic, gripping, and grim, the perfect finish to a dastardly collaboration.

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