Daily Yinz – Some Faith – Prey To My Grief

Darkwave duo Some Faith recently released “Prey To My Grief” in advance of their upcoming album, IN A DREAM.

The single sees vocalist Indigo Baloch connect the dots between previous trauma and current suffering, illustrating the ways in which our pasts can act as whirlpools, sucking us back into our worst memories as we struggle to move forward. Overtop a gritty synth instrumental, Baloch demonstrates the same defiantly dark dense of humor found on past tracks like “The Pain Has A Purpose” when she sings, “Prey to my grief, so you can’t catch me/I’m a prey to my grief, so you’ll never have me […] I’m a prey to my grief, so I’m untouchable,” merging vulnerability with badassery to the point where you’ll be punching the air while you shed a tear. When your mind is the scariest thing hunting you, external foes and woes don’t stand a chance.

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