Daily Yinz – Luwidakid – Jeapordize (ft. HadesBabii)

Rapper Luwidakid has been releasing new music every week in advance of his Wild One mixtape; the most recent single to drop was “Jeapordize” (ft. HadesBabii).

“Jeapordize” may not be as narcotically depressed as Luwidakid’s May single, “Bend & Bruise“–it tempers its darkness with gritty aspiration (“Another day, another dollar, with no fucking suit and tie”)–but it’s still a somber listen, filled with references to riots, soul-selling artists, and duplicitous romance. Luwi nestles his tunefully funereal raps in a bed of dramatic piano loops, minimalist percussion, and filthy bass, although he does bust out a more traditional flow for the track’s keystone bar: “Said I got a attitude/I said a n***a got a heart.” This sentiment frames the surrounding lyrics and gives them purpose and clarity; one person’s troublemaker is another person’s living, breathing human being. HadesBabii hops on for an energetic second verse, his words tumbling around the beat as he taunts rivals and promises, “I play for keeps/Your soul is mine […] Poltergeist.” Check out “Jeapordize” for some riveting, nefarious raps.

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