Daily Yinz – Care Package – Blue (I Wanna Swim)

Care Package is a recently formed dream-pop outfit featuring members of Baseball Dad and Urban Heat Island; the band’s debut EP, I Wanna Swim, came out this month.

The EP is filled with twinkling bits of melody that come in the form of guitar arpeggios, glockenspiel plinks, and filigreed synth adornments. The group proves itself adept at constructing delicate skeletons of songs–usually built around an ambling rhythm section and singer Hal McDonough’s wistful musings–and then filling them out with layers of lush instrumentation. Closer “Blue (I Wanna Swim)” kicks things into dreamy overdrive, a motorik drumbeat laying the groundwork for the type of song that might soundtrack a late-summer road trip taken with people you haven’t seen for a while and won’t see for a while after; thalassic guitars curl and crash like waves on a sunset shore while McDonough sings, “The ocean, she holds me/Holds me and throws me/Loves me more than anyone else does.” Eventually, McDonough’s voice succumbs to the six-string depths, closing with a sentiment both liberating and melancholic: “You will never know me.” Perfect for fans of sun-kissed hazemongers like Westkust and Wildhoney.

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