Daily Yinz – Helga Scheibert – Whale Song

Helga Scheibert is a Transylvania-raised, CMU-affiliated pianist who released an album called “Mirror Image” in May.

The album’s music is an eclectic blend of classical, jazz, folk, and experimental piano stylings. While listening, you’ll hear roiling low-note swells, jaunty, sophisticated bounces, theatrical flourishes, virtuosic runs, and a dash of field recording here and there. “Whale Song” includes samples of one of the titular aquatic giants, positioning its ghostly cries alongside cinematic, contemplative piano. Scheibert picks up the pace at various points in the composition, rifling through several atonal progressions and trills like a wizard waving a wand, but never strays too far from the haunting beauty at the center of it all.

Check out more from Helga Scheibert


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