Daily Yinz – SAMURAE – Tree Talk

SAMURAE goes acoustic for the antimaterialist self-care ballad “Tree Talk.”

SAMURAE, an R&B artist who possesses a truly mighty set of pipes, strips her sound down to a simple guitar and piano combination for some “Tree Talk,” allowing her muscular voice and introspective lyrics to take center stage. Overtop a swaying, Randy Newman-esque groove, SAMURAE starts off by singing, “Sometimes I write when things don’t feel aright/Or when I just need to see what’s on my mind,” establishing the concepts of writing-as-thought and song-as-therapy. Over the course of the track, she lays bare her own contradictions (“I keep my guard up with strangers, I’m wounded/Yet still I love super hard like I’m stupid”), criticisms (“Confidence is probably my least favorite blemish”), and personal values (“Society ain’t got no love for you/Making you think you need the green to feel untouchable/When in reality your friends and family are your wealth”). The only kind of green that SAMURAE needs is the chlorophyl found in trees, which she sees as her friends and therapists; she talks to them in order to “align with my higher mind.” While others are flashing cash in their Instagram stories, SAMURAE meditates in the presence of nature. If possible, take some time today to log off and get outside.

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