Rock ‘n’ Roll Mom – A Q+A With Prodigal Yinzer Lindsay Dragan

Photo by Marie Mashyna

Lindsay Dragan is a self-described “garage folk” artist whose music, performed either solo or with her band, walks the line between yearning intimacy and rousing, open-road abandon. Her path has taken her from Pittsburgh to Arizona to New York and back home again. She was kind enough to answer some questions for Bored In Pittsburgh. Check it out below:


Who is Lindsay Dragan? A tagline or catchphrase, if you will. 

A Rock n Roll Mom 🙂

Cliche question out of the way early; who/what are some of your influences, musical or otherwise?

My earliest influences are Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, and Nirvana. I got really into Feist for awhile, and Tori Amos. I also like a lot of rock from Europe, like Savages, The Raveonettes, and The Hives. I’m super into Mdou Moctar right now – they’re a Tuareg rock band from Niger, and they’re amazing.

You describe your music as garage-folk, a term that I was not familiar with. What does the phrase mean to you? 

I basically just combined the names of two genres – I feel like we’re halfway between garage rock and folk, but not purely one or the other. Folk with the grit of rock, and rock with melodies and political leanings of folk. 

Photo by Marie Mashyna

How did you get started with music, and do you feel like you have changed over time as a musician? If so, how? 

I’ve had melodies rolling around in my head as long as I can remember – even as a little kid. I picked up a guitar when I was ten, and the world made sense. I played all the time as a kid and teenager, hooking amps together and building my first pedalboard. It’s definitely changed over time in the sense that I don’t play as much anymore, because I have other things to do as a mom, and just as an adult. But, I play in the house band at the Funhouse’s Acousticafe pretty regularly, and that keeps me sharp. 

The first song of yours that I heard was “Radiant Light,” which I absolutely love. What is the story behind that one? 

Thank you! It’s the story of how I met my husband. I was busking on the Delancey Street Uptown F platform in New York City, and he heard me there and asked me out on the spot. We went to Cake Shop for some tea, and the rest is honestly history. But ultimately, yeah, it’s the story of how I met Mike, and the wanderings of my 20s, and eventually ending up back in Pittsburgh. 

Is there a song you’ve written that you’re especially proud of? If so, why?

I think “The Rage Inside.” That one seems to really resonate with people. It’s about seeing the mechanisms of society as they are, rather than with the rose-colored glasses shoved on our faces as kids, and just being completely disgusted by it, and resolving to at least try to help, and firmly committing to never stop learning how to be a good citizen. 

I’m also proud of “Solitary Thrill,” because I had parts of that song in my head for probably ten years, and it hit me so hard like two weeks before going into the studio, how I could properly write it. I’m proud of myself for hanging onto that idea for that long, and making something that I think it catchy and free feeling. 

Photo by Marie Mashyna

Who are some other Pittsburgh artists that you’d recommend?

So many!! I’m definitely around more rock musicians, but I try to stay well-rounded with the genres and the local folks representing them. So, let’s see: Meeting of Important People, Slugss, Century III, Clara Kent, Kayla Schureman, Tai Chirovsky, Rave Ami, Side Sleeper, INEZ, Sierra Sellers, The Chad Sipes Stereo, SweatPaul Luc, any of Andre Costello’s projects. And this is a small cross-section, honestly. In terms of brand new bands: Melt, and Care Package

What’s next for Lindsay Dragan? 

We’re trying to book an album release show! Hoping for early 2022 for that. We’ve been sitting on these songs for too long, and really want to get them out into the world properly and celebrate. 

Is there anything that I forgot to ask or that you’d like to let people know about you, your music, or anything in general?

Dave curates a Spotify playlist called Iggy Rock that everyone should follow! We put our friends and other artists we like on it. 


Many thanks to Lindsay Dragan for taking the time to answer these questions. Make sure to follow her on social media and to stay tuned for more music!


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