Daily Yinz – niku daruma – temperance

Niku daruma create piercing, metallic noisescapes; their latest release, arcana I, is described as “experiments in divining.”

The album introduces the faintest hint of melody to the clanging, grinding, screeching maelstrom that is niku daruma, making for a listen that’s as starkly beautiful as it is punishing. “Temperance” begins with zigzags of squelchy noise before a pulsing, melodic heartbeat throbs itself into being and starts to pump delicate, ascending notes into the air around it. Synth arpeggios flit, ecstatic, like moths in thrall to a lightbulb, while a sandstorm of static rages in the background. The track closes with bursts of pure feedback and then fades to black, leaving the ears reeling.

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