Daily Yinz – Boss Choc – One Of Them

Rapper Boss Choc’s latest single is a clipped burst of adrenaline.

“One Of Them” defines who Boss Choc is by defining who Boss Choc isn’t. The track’s hook sees him line up shameful scenarios like bowling pins and proceed to knock each one down with a furious, “I’m not one of them!” “Always broke but got the perkys?” Nope. “Still got creases in your shoes?” Not a chance. “Clique jumping, switching crews?” Not one of them. Choc plays around with the beat, speeding up and slowing down to give his flow a raw, unvarnished feel as he fires off one-liners like “This pocket filled with lead/Not a pencil,” and “I’m gettin’ money/Leave me alone if you don’t want none.” The track is a blunt statement of purpose from an artist who isn’t playing around.

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