Daily Yinz – Sommelier – Don’t Express Yourself (ft. Shan Keating & Mario Perrett)

Theatrical alt-rockers Sommelier recently released a 4-song EP called Don’t Express Yourself.

The EP’s title track sees bassist J. Trafford’s expressive, operatic croon paired with the soaring vocals of Scratchy Blanket‘s Shan Keating, their contrasting timbres mingling to create an engaging duet. Restrained verses, containing cryptic, erudite lyrics about “theatre geek’s Greek ideals” and “warbling marbling in peopled purposelessness,” explode into an anthemic chorus during which the two singers belt, “The Meanies, a legion, gleaming,” and then urge, “Don’t express yourself!” The song could be about judgment, stage fright, apathetic concert crowds, or something entirely different; the meaning is elusive, but your interest will be piqued nonetheless. Guest Mario Perrett’s atmospheric sax noodling closes out the track on a suitably quirky note.

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