Daily Yinz – slowhaunt – Silks and Satins

New slowhaunt music means several things: multiple albums released at once, tons of songs, and some truly evocative titles.

Funeral Hits, Pts. 3 and 4 contain such gems as “Tipsy Pallbearer,” “Sweatin’ in the Ghoul Car,” “Thicc and Godless,” and “Rotten Caterer.” There are 50 tracks shared between these two albums, so it’s tough to pick one to focus on, but “Silks and Satins” stood out to me for its epic scale; layers of billowing synths combine with a steady rhythm to create an anthemic, sky-scraping groove, and there’s plenty of vocoder to go around. Slowhaunt may specialize in ghastly funhouse music, but this track would sound just as much at home on a festival stage as it would in a graveyard late at night. Allow its euphoric tide to sweep you away to a land of bizarre horror movie scenarios and schlocky creatures.

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