Daily Yinz – Eternal Boy – Bad Days Are Over

Eternal Boy’s latest record, Bad Days Are Over, presents pop-punk in its purest, most glorious form.

Driving power chords? Check. Deliriously sugary hooks? Check. Elongated vowel sounds? Double check. Even though this path is well-trodden–first by dudes with spiky hair, then by dudes with scene hair, and then by dudes with baseball capsBad Days Are Over brims with life, and that’s the most important thing when it comes to this stuff. The album’s title track, which is also its opener, vacillates between hard-charging verses and soaring choruses, throwing a few tricky little stop-start breakdowns in there as well. The lyrics act as a tough love pep talk aimed at someone who’s been having a hard time; when frontman Rishi Bahl belts, “Remember the promise that you made me/You’d be strong even if it hurts/I’ve spent a third of my life trying to make you see that/It’s been ten years, you’re not a monster,” it feels like a back-slapping hug in musical form. Like the best pop-punk, it makes hardship sound cathartic, even inspiring. Plus, the band donated the label’s music video check to dogs, which is just an objectively cool thing to do. Enjoy the hooks and the good bois.

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