Daily Yinz – Quashon Sligh – Me

Singer and rapper Quashon Sligh releases the single “Me” in advance of his upcoming album.

Quashon, whose voice and singing style hearken back to the days when Usher and Ne-Yo ruled the airwaves, channels the latter’s “Miss Independent” with “Me.” Quashon pays tribute to a woman who’s “been through so much”; she’s moved from the suburbs to the city, been disappointed by a man who “only sold dreams,” and managed to support her family nonetheless (“a young money tree”). Backed by brisk drums, wavy vocal samples, fluttering keys, and subsonic bass, Quashon marvels at the fact that this woman, who has no obligation to anyone, approaches him, of all people, and picks him out of the crowd. They “lock eyes just like a movie scene,” and it’s on from there. For those who miss the R&B jams of the mid-to-late-2000s, “Me” will quench the thirst for a few minutes.

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