Daily Yinz – Her Royal Lowness – Sleepy Apartments

Marissa Sabatucci’s Her Royal Lowness picks through the wreckage of a relationship with a two-track single called on the bridge where you left me.

The music on OTBWYLM is built around whispering acoustic guitar, and features raw lyrics that outline a former partner’s manipulation, addiction, and betrayal. The single’s opening track, “Sleepy Apartments,” explores the nighttime rumination caused by a lack of closure, an experience that traps the sufferer in a Möbius strip of painful thoughts. Sabatucci’s refrain of, “I miss you for who you are/Who you are when we were sleeping,” hits especially hard because it captures the nuance of the toxic relationship; no matter what this person did while awake, their unconscious presence still offered some measure of comfort. The song provides no easy answers, but acts as a form of healing in itself.

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