Daily Yinz – Swampwalk – Cloud

Swampwalk releases two versions of a tender little track, one stripped down and the other 8-bitted.

Swampwalk’s first take of “Clouds” combines gentle acoustic guitar, lonely strings, and a ticking electronic beat to create a meditative groove that’s just a bit cattywampus, giving it a rough, homespun charm. The second take, recorded live from The Attic, uses chintzy Gameboy synths to establish a more polished, Postal Servicey feel. Either way, the song’s lyrics, by turns compassionate (“I wanna be a cloud/I wanna be yr shade”) and cryptic (“And when you open your mouth, you turn inside out/The dust collecting between your toes/The rust is building in your nose”), seem to find Swampwalk in the process of melting back into the natural world; it’s a digital road leading to transcendentalist freedom.

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