Daily Yinz – A-Money & the Downtown City – D’Olier & Grafton

Singer/songwriter Adam Merulli recently released volume 2 of Schoolhouse Sessions, a series of intimate live tracks recorded under his A-Money & the Downtown City moniker.

“D’Olier & Grafton” is named for two streets in Dublin, Ireland, where Merulli spent time a few years ago while studying abroad in Paris. The song, a reflective number led by nimble acoustic fingerpicking and wistful harmonica, perfectly captures the sensation of walking around an unknown city, sleep-deprived and alone, and realizing that the world is much bigger than you had previously understood. Merulli focuses his lyrical lens on specific details (a chair made of gold, softly falling rain, a payphone on a green-lined street), allowing the listener to stroll the Dublin streets alongside him. As someone who has also experienced the delirious, transcendent sensation of wandering around Europe on little to no sleep and wondering “How the hell did I get here?”, this one really resonated with me.

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