Daily Yinz – KELS – No Lie.

KELS’s, latest single, “No Lie.,” is a love song that would sound at home in any decade.

KELS has one of those timeless voices, the kind of pipes you associate with a Winehouse or a Duffy. “No Lie.” has the vibe to match; it’s a gentle ballad that mixes touches of R&B, jazz, and traditional pop to create a sound that transcends any specific trend or musical era. Drums stutter and keys glide, candlelit-bedroom style, while KELS pledges her devotion to her partner: “You are my morning rain/You are my evening sky/You came into my life/Now you’re the reason why,” she sings during the refrain, running through some soulful melodic lines in the process. You can never go wrong with a love song, and “No Lie.” takes its cues from the classics.

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