Daily Yinz – Monochromatic Residua – Eternal Mountain

Aaron Myers-Brooks’s Monochromatic Residua project uses death metal as a vehicle to explore the power of microtones (AKA the notes you can’t find on a piano).

Monochromatic Residua’s latest EP, Eternal Mountain, contains brutal blastbeats, apocalyptic imagery, and, of course, furious shredding that refuses to adhere to the chromatic scale. On the EP’s title track, Myers-Brooks intersperses chugging low riffs with jarring high harmonies that crumble upon themselves like the “supernova decay” described in the song’s lyrics. Plus, who doesn’t love a sledgehammer breakdown during which the phrase, “The top of the pyramid does not exist/Eternal mountain, there is no summit!” is roared like a Lovecraftian commandment from the depths of the void? For those who like their metal with a bit of experimentation, Eternal Mountain delivers.

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