Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Come with Me (ft. Jocelyn Rent)

Glo Phase and Jocelyn Rent, whose 2019 collaboration, Fall Deep, was a supremely chill study in vocal house, reunite for an EP called Escape, originally meant for release right around the time COVID struck.

The EP’s four tracks center on themes of transition and change, and closer “Come with Me” sees Rent perched at the edge of a major departure, singing, “I never thought that I would be a disappearing memory/I’m leaving in the morning/Will you come with me?,” beckoning the listener into an unknown sunset. Glo Phase’s instrumental, which contains his signature combination of techy, percolating bass and atmospheric synth washes, bears Rent steadily along her journey. The sparing inclusion of a lone trumpet adds a resolute note to the song’s tone of uncertainty. The fact that the Escape release show was supposed to happen last March at the late Brillobox adds an extra layer of wistfulness to this one.

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