Daily Yinz – Moemaw Naedon X Billy Hoyle – Dolphin Death Rainbow

Rapper Moemaw Naedon teamed up with producer Billy Hoyle for March’s Human Speedball, which was released to celebrate the five-year anniversary of the duo’s Travel Through collaboration.

The three-track collection positions Moemaw’s gruff, hyper-focused delivery overtop Hoyle’s sample-heavy boom-bap beats. The album opens with the evocatively named “Dolphin Death Rainbow,” a brisk, white-knuckle track led by tense strings and keyboards. Moemaw’s bars mix personal insights with surreal imagery; you might hear him rifle through images of ram horns, pentagrams, “snorting lines of stardust longer than your lunchtime order line at Starbucks” before dropping a confessional line like, “The notion that I’d have a better grasp on it by now/Is a shadow cast over all my thoughts subliminal” (referring to his music), or “Used to heat up dope for needles/Leaving open holes to bleed through,” a stanza referencing his fight against past addictions. Moemaw’s precise delivery and intricate wordplay make for an engrossing listening experience; tune out for a second and you’ll miss something.

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