Daily Yinz – Alysm – What’s The Purpose? (ft. Faaathom)

Alysm creates brooding indie-pop using retro synth ingredients; his latest single, featuring rapper Faaathom, came out in March on Supercomputer Records.

Don’t let “What’s The Purpose?”s jaunty backbeat, funky guitars, and whistling synths fool you; this one is meant for a dance floor enveloped in the miasma of depression, where people bob straight-faced heads and blink under fluorescent lights. Alysm sings, “I’m stuck in the place that I hated before/Not really sure what’s in store/Every day is a chore,” his subdued, deadpan delivery eerily channeling The Notwist’s Markus Acher, while Faaathom contributes a free-flowing, melodic verse that neatly sums up the experience of imposter syndrome: “I been feeling too worthless/I don’t think I deserve this/Didn’t earn it, no.” The track is accompanied by a truly great music video, featuring grainy film quality, jumpsuits, virtual ping-pong, and technology destruction a la Office Space.

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