Daily Yinz – KeyDaInto – Don’t Care (prod. Yorel Tifsim)

Singer/rapper KeyDaIntro teams up with frequent collaborator Yorel Tifsim for the coolly scathing “Don’t Care.”

Metaphors and similes are ripe ground for cliche, so it was refreshing to hear KeyDaIntro sing, “I detach like a microphone,” in response to being scorned by a former compatriot. The line effortlessly blends creativity with attitude, and proves that, if you give Key the cold shoulder (cliche, I know), she’ll come back with the Arctic scapula, because she is over it on “Don’t Care.” The muffled, detuned bells of Yorel Tifsim’s instrumental provide a suitably languid backdrop for Key to dismiss fake friends and fake love, layering her voice overtop itself in spooky harmonies as she taunts, unconcerned, “Take me for granted, if you please.” Apathy, employed effectively, is the best weapon, and “Don’t Care” delivers a killshot without even getting up off the couch.

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