Daily Yinz – Beedie & Billy Hoyle – Dock Ellis (ft. Tha God Fahim and Bill Waves)

A varied cast of musicians come together for a track inspired by a legendary Pittsburgh pitcher.

“Dock Ellis” is an old-fashioned hip-hop posse cut, featuring vibrantly rendered verses set against knocking drums and meditative melodic loops. Billy Hoyle provides the instrumental, while Atlanta’s Tha God Fahim and Pittsburgh’s Beedie and Bill Waves lay down some dizzying bars, touching on the Tree of Life shooting, lies from the powerful, family relationships, societal expectations, and more. Waves spins an especially evocative dream sequence during his allotted time, his flow poking and prodding at the deepest recesses of his own psyche as he cycles through images of flaming lions, Arctic winters, and a nightmarish Ariana Grande encounter. Despite its zany baseball conceit, “Dock Ellis” is some serious, heady stuff from a group of true craftsmen.

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