Daily Yinz – Gaadge – Twenty-Two

Gaadge, a fuzzy pop project that was founded by guitarist/vocalist Mitch DeLong (and also includes several members of Barlow), released “Twenty-Two” today in advance of their March debut, Yeah?.

The single is led by a pulsing guitar riff that bends and curls around itself like a tide onto a faded shoreline, and features plenty of “Rain“-on-speed drum fills that provide an energetic rhythmic backbone for shoegazing melodies and lyrics that convey palms-to-the-sky existential dread. When the chorus hits, rather than break into a soaring refrain, DeLong burrows deeper into the shaggy malaise, his voice dipping down as he sings, dazed, “I can’t seem to understand how this slipped in my hands.” Like their Crafted Sounds labelmates The Zells, Gaadge excel at adorning ambivalent slacker musings with laser-guided guitars to create anti-anthems for exhausted twenty-somethings. Stay tuned for Gaadge’s next single, “Do What Now?,” out February 24th.

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