Daily Yinz – Feralcat – waiting for waifu pt. 4 – green

Roger Rafael Romero’s Feralcat tones down the prog metal pyrotechnics of his 2019 debut with waiting for waifu, a series of self-produced instrumentals.

Wfw‘s 7 tracks, named after the colors of the visible light spectrum, draw from vaporwave’s playing-early-2000s-computer-games-in-a-lounge aesthetic, with steady, clicking rhythms and placid synth tones creating a sleepy, nostalgic atmosphere throughout. “Pt. 4 – green” is built around a wavy loop of chopped jazz piano and pizzicato plucks, adorned with Feralcat’s sly, repeating sax figure; it sounds like Knxwledge at his most subdued, and it’s a great song for the solitary predawn hours.

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