Daily Yinz – Hazing Over – Jock

Shin Guard is now Hazing Over, the name change signifying a shift from gritty skramz to futuristic deathcore. “Jock” is the first single from Hazing Over’s upcoming Pestilence EP.

The plinking rave synths that introduce “Jock,” and, by proxy, Hazing Over, are a tip-off that this band is a different animal, one with a fresh coat of electro-paint. Still heavy, though; after a few seconds, the blips detune, scramble, and explode into a pummeling blastbeat and an anguished shriek. Jake Yencik takes over vocal duties from Owen Traynor, and it’s evident that Yencik’s crushing Blood Menace project influenced this new sound, as chugga-chugga riffs, blood-belching growls, and breakdowns abound. The production is both glossier and beefier than ever, the lyrics more straightforwardly aggressive than they are literary (“Can’t stand your presence, my blood begins to boil / I’ll jock your essence and collect all the spoils,” Yencik roars at one point). The visceral energy remains, though, proving that your ringing ears are still in good hands.

Follow Hazing Over on social media and stay tuned for Pestilence

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