Daily Yinz – ℮st℮ll℮ – and see the girl with stars in Her eyes

℮st℮ll℮ is a Pittsburgh experimental artist who recently released a musical exploration of colors in three parts.

In telemagenta–a sort of grapefruity pink color that I had not heard of until today–released last week, follows November’s in carmine and in auburn (props to ℮st℮ll℮ for picking some unusual hues). While much of the album series consists of grainy, moody drones (think Fennesz), the most recent release’s closing track, the evocatively named “and see the girl with stars in Her eyes,” goes the cosmic awe route, featuring glittery points of melody strewn out across a bed of squelching ambient noise like a bunch of distant satellites floating in the depths of a night sky. It’s nine minutes and nineteen seconds of pure, egoless peace.

Check out more from ℮st℮ll℮


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