Daily Yinz – Brittney Chantele – Be With You

Brittney Chantele’s new single picks up the romantic thread of 2019’s A Fire On Venus, rather than the more political one of this year’s The Golden Opportunity.

“Be With You,” released alongside “Leave Like That,” is a trap-tinged ballad whose featherlight instrumental, all pillowy hi-hats, hazy melodic swatches, and wavering guitar plucks, provides ample space for Chantele’s voice to take center stage. Her singing sounds more relaxed than ever here, and the song’s hook, which questions, Clash-like “Should we go through the motions, oh?/ Do we gotta leave, gotta let this go?” ranks among her catchiest yet. Couple that with a suitably futuristic video courtesy of Cunning Folks Films, and you’ve got another strong release from one of Pittsburgh’s prominent artists.

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