Daily Yinz – Robin Grayson – Hold You Down

Robin Grayson is a Pittsburgh R&B artist who recently released her debut EP, Hold You Down.

The EP’s title track is a warm, yearning ballad that showcases Grayson’s melismatic singing style, full of multi-syllabic runs, notes that slide easily up and down the musical scale, and a few sublime falsettos for good measure. Grayson promises to remain loyal to a significant other through storm and stress, forgiving some of their transgressions with a simple “What you do, you do,” but at the same time, urging them to “Show me what you’re looking for.” Grayson’s voice conveys the song’s raw emotion honestly and forthrightly, without slipping into melodrama or cliche.

Read more about Hold You Down and about Robin Grayson in this BLKNVMBR feature in the PGH City Paper. BLKNVMBR, organized by local artists Clara Kent and INEZ, in tandem with the City Paper, is a monthlong celebration of Black women in the Pittsburgh R&B and general music scene, and has been featuring some excellent music of late.

Check out more from Robin Grayson and follow her on Instagram

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