Daily Yinz – TV’s NORM – Your Own Goddamn Planet

TV’s NORM are a Pittsburgh rock outfit that combine crunchy pop hooks with sardonic lyrics.

A few notable Norms have graced our television sets over the years, from The Norm Show’s Norm to Cheers’s Norm (these are the only two I can think of, actually). “TV’s NORM” could be referring to either or none of these men, but the band’s beer-fueled gallows humor brings to mind the latter’s energy. On their debut album, Wonder, they muse about booze, bombs, and the internet, their observations pierced by a sense of exhaustion that contrasts with peppy power chords and shouted vocals. “Your Own Goddamn Planet” sounds like an especially sunny Pixies track updated for the early 2020s, balancing yelped verses about “ghosts and gods,” “massive tumors and Whopper Juniors,” with a powerfully sung hook. TV’s NORM may be bummed out, but at least they’re having fun with it.

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