Daily Yinz – Incentive – New mountain

Incentive is an industrial/electronic artist who trades in gritty, noisy rave-ups that also contain a strong melodic edge. Their new album, Presence, is out now on circle with a dot and Submarine Broadcasting Co.

The ten-minute epic “new mountain” closes out Presence on a gloriously apocalyptic note. The song opens with subdued tones, before a harsh dancefloor beat aggressively announces its presence; sparkling synth arpeggios and doleful, machinelike organ drones soon follow. Things continue to build as intimidating sheets of sound buzz away and warpath percussion echoes in the distance. The levels of noise and abrasion keep rising, until it sounds like the recording itself has been scratched up and corrupted. Then, with no warning, a euphoric, major key synth figure emerges from the chaos, acting as an augur for the moment, a little over seven minutes in, when the song morphs into a witchy, widescreen house track, complete with elegiac choral effects. Imagine if Frodo Baggins had popped a few happy pills before venturing into Mt. Doom’s fiery maw. The climax of “new mountain” is what would be playing in the background.

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