Daily Yinz – Lindsay Dragan – Solitary Thrill

Country/folk artist Lindsay Dragan, whose simmering “Radiant Light” was one of my favorite Pittsburgh tracks of 2019, returns with a new single called “Solitary Thrill.”

The track is a smooth, midtempo rocker that explores the yearning that comes from sitting at a desk while your “head is driving through sunsets in the Midwest.” Dragan sings about the artist’s impulse to seek out inspiration and awe in life’s quiet moments; she wanders out as a “star struck rabbit” at dawn and returns as a “love drunk runner’ at dusk. As usual, Dragan demonstrates an uncanny ability to weave melodies and hooks that immediately worm their way into your brain, like an old favorite that you’ve never actually heard before. Dragan and her band vamp on the song’s freewheeling chorus for the track’s final two minutes, and it feels like the music could go on forever, guitar solos and sighing vocal runs approaching a distant horizon. Enter the slipstream and let it carry you to away.

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