Daily Yinz – VRBA – Aermura

VRBA, an experimental electronic artist who is also one half of ALONA, recently released an EP called SHATTERED TOGETHER, which contains a mix of sounds created anywhere from a few months to half a decade ago, remastered and rejiggered to create a fresh experience.

While VRBA’s production with ALONA is womblike and insular, her solo work sees her experiment with propulsive, skittering rhythms and ominous blasts of grimy BWAAAH (or is it BWOONG?), creating a more cinematic atmosphere. “Aermura,” the EP’s opener and its longest track, begins with the sound of gently falling rain, Blade Runner style, before launching into an uneasy blend of submerged melodic tones and grating synth interjections that circle each other like two wary fighters. VRBA’s drum programming starts off minimal and builds in intensity as the song carries on; at one point, a woodblock effect chatters its way from the lowest possible frequency to the highest, a sonic machine gun being warped even as it fires away. It’s little details like this one that make “Aermura” such an engaging listen.

Check out more from VRBA

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