Daily Yinz – Glo Phase – Into the Quartz Era

Pittsburgh producer Glo Phase follows up January’s slightly psychedelic Mezzotint with a downtempo release called Pearl Diving.

Even though life has gotten a biiit more stressful since Mezzotint dropped nine long months ago, Pearl Diving is a serene record, evoking the sensation of floating in a still lagoon, glittering sunlight refracted from above through layers of water. Closer “Into the Quartz Era” rides a deep house beat adorned with gossamer synths and undergirded by a bass line that suggests a Game Boy Advance version of “Walking With Elephants.” The background tones shift, moody and a bit haunting, throughout the track’s seven-minute runtime, but the steady rhythm persists through it all.

Side Note: Just learned this morning that the Quartz Era was a period of time in the 70’s during which the Swiss gatekeepers of the watchmaking world got their doors blown off by the advent of Japanese quartz devices, which are cheaper and more accurate than their mechanical counterparts. There’s your fun history fact for the day.

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