Daily Yinz – Lang – Black

Pittsburgh rapper Lang has been on a prolific run of late, seemingly releasing a new project every week. His latest tape, Hues, draws inspiration from the color spectrum.

Lang splits his time on Hues between introspective bars and auto-tuned crooning, closing track “Black” containing my favorite examples of the latter. The track is introduced by an instrumental that brings to mind a medieval bard plucking a lute or lyre, but things don’t stay pastoral for long. The beat drop that accompanies Lang’s wail of “I’m listening to God/Got me down this road,” is truly invigorating, and launches the song into territory occupied by tuneful, excitable spitters like Lil Uzi Vert. Lang’s resonant baritone doesn’t share a ton of characteristics with Uzi’s trademark squeak, but the double-stuffed flows and the heart-on-the-sleeve emotion are the same. “Black” caps off a strong project in suitably anthemic fashion.

Check out more from Lang and follow him on Instagram

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